Guest “Reader”

Who doesn’t love a good book? One of my students wanted to read us a good book yesterday…He sits in my chair, gets the book in his hand then says he can’t read it. I followed it up with…”You don’t need to be able to read it. Ask the students what they see going on in the pictures.” He proceeded to “read” the book with the seven other students in the room and did a great job. He loved being the center of attention and the students were so attentive. He read, Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell.

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I like to have fun…I like to have fun while I’m teaching too. The last week or so we have introduced play-doh into our fun and as you know, this adds some different conversations. For example, how do we keep the play-doh off the carpet? How do we keep the play-doh out of the air? Why do we keep swinging the play-doh around in the air? After we solidified a few ground rules, we had our play-doh fun.

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The Leaves are Falling Down

Hello Fall…In Ohio, one day it’s 80 degrees and the next it’s 60 degrees. How can you not love that?!?!

My kinders and I have been learning about leaves and how they change in the fall. What better way to check this out then to take a nature walk outside and use our five senses to explore fall (don’t worry, no one ate a leaf on this adventure). We spotted many different things out on our walk and we even brought some things back into our classroom (and probably home).

We have incorporated a catchy song into our learning…It’s called: The Leaves are Falling Down. It goes like this..

The Leaves are Falling Down

The leaves are falling down,

The leaves are falling down,

All over ________ (name)

and all over town!

I love to use song to help us learn new words, notice and learn rhyming words and to just plain have fun. I am sure my kinders are singing these songs at home…:)