Wow…where have I been?

Really?!? The last time I posted a new blog post was in 2015! Where have I been?

No where really…I have found as my years of teaching increase, the faster they go. I obviously lost real of time but that’s easy to do when you’re teaching.

I’m at Karrer and Grizzell Middle Schools and Jerome High School again this year. I am excited because I have my own English language arts (ELA) classes with my ELL students. I have a double block of 6th and 7th grade ELA and one period of 8th grade ELA. You can always stop by and visit room 215…


A Change

Hello Everyone…I wanted to let you know that I am switching around a bit for this year. I will be working with ELL students at Karrer Middle School and possibly two other schools which will be determined at a later date.

I am excited to be moving to middle school and am ready for a new adventure. I will do my best to keep you updated though this site and through our Twitter page, @EddingtonELL.

Thank you for your support and know we will have a great year together.


I first want to say that I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent from blogging on this site. I have focused more on my personal blog/website and have put this one on the back burner. I will do a better job from now until the end of the year.

My students have been really excited using a new assessment tool and game in my classroom…Kahoot. It is a web based gaming system teachers can use to gather survey data or quiz students on material taught and so much more. I recently got my hands on a projector so I am able to project the questions and answer choices on my white board and the students use the iPads the ELL Department purchased to submit their answers. They love using the technology and don’t even realize they are learning too!

I have also been able to use interactive white board games and learning tools since I won an Ipevo Interactive Whiteboard System at EdCampColumbus in March. Students use a little “pen” to submit the answers or solution and the computers moves to the next situation or game. It is great fun and they students love getting up and using our new tool. They also love making shadow animals with their little hands.

It is hard to believe that it’s almost May…our school year has flown by but we have learned a lot! Let’s buckle down as we wind down this fabulous school year.

The Mitten Reviews

Sorry for a delay in posting anything for a while. I was hit with a little bug and have been enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Here is a little video I put together with six of our ELI friends (two were absent). They chose their favorite version of The Mitten and gave you their reasons why…Enjoy!

Mentor Texts

My students and I like to read books but what’s great is when we can continue our learning through writing. We’ve used many mentor texts over the year to help us be successful with writing. Some of my first grader students read the book Family Pictures by Anna Keys which is part of the Leveled Literacy Intervention program by Fountas and Pinnell. We read the book and used the sentence stem to create our own family books. Each student had a sheet of paper for each family member and they use the sentence stem, This is my _______. When the pages were complete, we then used our binding comb machine to create the finished product. I hope you like our YouTube videos of our oral reading.

Our Favorite Alphabet Song

Sorry it’s been a while…we’ve been busy learning and growing as readers and writers. My kindergarten students and I listen to the following youtube video almost everyday to polish up our alphabet letter recognition and letter sounds. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you to my friends at Have Fun Teaching for making such a cool video for me to use with my students.


Sometimes it’s not me whoB1PXUw6IEAIE9OG does the teaching…yesterday it was one of my second grade students. One of my students and I are reading the book, A Pony for Peanut by Sindy McKay. Its a “we both read” book so we take turns as we read. The story is about a young girl who is helping at her aunts farm for the summer. She befriends a horse named Peanut and learns all about horses. The farrier comes to help replace the shoes of the horse and she gets to help. The farrier uses a “rasp” or a big nail file to help with the shoe replacing too.

My student didn’t know what a nail file was so we went on a field trip to the office to hunt one down. We found one in the office and started to tell the secretaries about the book. When asked if they knew what a farrier was, they said no…What an opportunity for my student to share her knowledge with the secretaries. My student proceeded to tell these adult women what a farrier was…she was so proud of herself and may I say, was glowing a bit. I was so proud of her as she shared her knowledge…WOW!

Not only do we teach while at school, our students teach us as well. My students may not give me new information daily but they are always teaching me. They teach me how to treat others, they teach me how to talk with others, and they teach me so much more…I love being a teacher and learner!